• Montana Track Claw grabbing ice


Welcome to the official site for Montana Track Claws, Inc and our Canadian distributor, Alberta Track Claws. The quick connect grousers known as “Track Claws” were designed by two 3rd generation loggers from Montana. They saw the need for such a product after struggling with the long down time needed to weld grousers on and cut them off. The track claws work great on snow, ice, mud & steep terrain. Unlike weld on grousers that are put on almost every pad, these only need to go on about every 4th or 5th pad to get the maximum slippage protection. The Track Claws have been perfected over a period of time and have remained a family owned and operated business.


Why Do You Need Track Claws?

   Save Time

No need to pull equipment off the job for your welder. Simply bolt on the grousers onsite with a ratchet & socket. We have clients that install and remove them a few times a day to cross roads, etc.

   Save Money

These are a very cost effective way to add quick traction to your machinery in the field. They are cast steel & heat treated to provide a durable product that can be reused many times.


Our products reduce slippage which can lead to overturned equipment or other worksite accidents. The unique “claw” shape also reduces side slippage.