How to Order Track Claws?

Our company excels in customer service and takes a very involved role in making sure that your parts will work exactly as portrayed. Besides, we are sure you have plenty of other concerns.

   Step 1

We need to know more about the equipment you are going to outfit with track claws. Please print out this form available HERE and obtain measurements for our staff or just fill out the form below in the field accessible from a smartphone.

    Where are you ordering from:

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    1. How many grouser bars are on your pads*

    2. Distance between your existing grouser bars*

    3. The height of the grouser bar on your pad*

    4. The size & shape of your clean out hole *

    (If you do not have one a template will be provided)

    5. The thickness of your pad*

    6. The distance between your rails*

    7. How many pads does your machine have on each side*

    Other Comments (optional)

       Step 2

    Fax, email or simply call us with the information if you didn’t already submit it above.

       Step 3

    We will contact you to discuss your needs, receive payment and send off your Track Claws. We understand your busy schedule and can work with you during evening hours to keep you productive.